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The Photo Shoot - getting started for equines

On your we will either telephone or email you depending on your preference or you are welcome to drop into our studio if you are reasonably close by. It is important we understand your requirements and if there is anything specific for us to understand or indeed capture on the day. We shall probably ask you several questions, i.e. age of your equine, ie, horse, pony, donkey, mule, age and temperament

If you have any questions it is a good idea to ask us here so you know everything before the photo shoot

On your photo shoot your equine will be our first priority, we chat to you to start with to ensure that your animal is happy and comfortable with us and our equipment. We then take a few photos of your equine just standing still or walking around, again to make sure they are happy. We use flash and have never had issues but we always take it slowly so they do not spook. We give them time to acclimatise. This can take anything from a few minutes upwards depending on how confident your animal is.

The Photo Shoot - the session

We will always aim for the photos you most want first as equines can become bored. We want to make sure you get what you want out of your shoot.

Everything is tailored to your animal, if they are happy to pose in hand first then that is what we will do. We usually then move on to ‘riding’ photos and finish with action shots. Our photo shoots are about capturing the memories but also about the experience, about you and your animals having a great time together and having fun.

The photo shoots last between 1 and 2 hours.

We will then book you in for a The Photo Viewing. The session takes usually between 1 and 2 hours. During this time we can talk you through what we offer and what would suit you and your home best.

We offer wall art, albums, and gift prints and products. We recommend that you bring with you a photo of the walls or room you wish to hang your photos in as this can give us a good idea of what may suit you best and offer choices based on this. It is a good idea for everyone who is involved in the decision making to be at this session so that you can discuss what you would all like.

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